Under 19’s Update | Declan McLaughlin

After being appointed U19’s coach a few months ago, I have been welcomed into the club with open arms. Everyone whether they be a player or a coach can feel the real sense of excitement that currently surrounds the club, a feeling of new beginnings.

Bringing back an U19’s team was never going to be challenge-free but the subcommittee and coaches are really pleased with the progress we have made so far and are extremely excited for the months ahead. We cannot wait to fully attack preseason after the Christmas break and are ready for a (hopefully) successful season to follow.

The club has fully embraced a ‘one-club’ mentality and all the U19’s have been completing preseason training in conjuction with the Senior playing group and in parts also with the Women’s playing group. All U19 players have benefited immensely from this experience. This has also been a brilliant initiative in creating a positive environment, as well as building and strengthening bonds between the U19’s and the rest of the club.”