Mr Bullant

It’s that time of year again! BTAFC opens its doors for all the beautiful ladies in our lives for the famous Mr Bullant Contest! A night that expects to live up to its reputation, where men and women alike come from all around to partake in what will be the greatest night on the BTAFC Social Calendar.

The night is to be held at the BTAFC Clubrooms on the 13th of May with the nights proceedings kicking off at 8:00pm.

Ticket prices are to be $30 per head. This price includes a drink upon entry, finger food and transportation to the after party (Venue TBA).

Drinks will be sold at bar prices – with drinks specials for the ladies (drinks menu to be released in the coming days)

The night will be co-hosted by the one and only Andrew Verga who will be ably supported by Kristian Mattiuzzo and with plenty of entertainment for the girls to look forward to there is no better function.

There will be topless bartending, raffles, live acts and games for the ladies to participate in. Games will come with prizes for the winners and in some cases the participants as well.

The main event is of course watching four of the finest Bullants BTAFC has to offer, battling over a 3 round competition for the prestigious title of Mr Bullant 2017.

For now the contestants will remain a mystery with the ladies to find out on the night!

Get involved, I promise you’ll have a good night! I look forward to seeing you all there!


Please contact Kristian Mattiuzzo for tickets on 0413 406 969