Match Report Round 17

Round 17

We ventured out to Toorak park to take on top of the table Prahran. We welcomed in Luke Shiel for his senior debut and O’Donnell and Bendoricchio playing their first games for the year.

Wow! Fair play Prahran , fair play! What a force ! What a fit, strong , skilful, footy smart team playing as a tight unit, they would be competitive in C grade, they just played ball, they were relentless , they had a thirst for more and more and more and enough was never enough. They are where we want to be be this time next year. They had 12 to 13 blokes as fit as our fittest 3. Their spread was spectacular and they had precision skills to match. We kept up for a quarter and a half with some great ball and it was a exciting game to watch with good tough footy on the inside and skilful ball use and running on the outside.
Our game plan was to choke their spread and put pressure on the ball carrier. Dakin and Wilson had jobs on a couple of their key playmakers and both started very well with Dakin getting a free kick from a forward line stoppage and going back and slotting a set shot from 40 out. Chris Galapi also started very well with plenty of dash off the half back flank. Leigh Wallis had a huge assignment playing on Ariel Steinberg in his 5th outing for the 2 blues. Steinberg was picked 31st by Essendon in the 2010 national draft. He played 10 games for them and was one of the 33 banned bombers. 24 years of age and at 191 cm he covered the ground like a AFL player. Although Steinberg was dominate with a knack of turning half chances into goals Leith more than held his own and out played/marked/maneuvered him consistently throughout the day. Odi was most impressed how Leith went about it.
Our second goal was from a great intercept mark and set shot by De Kiezer, Micky Rogers then slotted a beauty from long range and our 4th goal for the term came from some Jackie Cowell stoppage magic with De Keizer finishing the work.
General play was even for the quarter, we let ourselves down with a few forward 50 entries that were off the mark. Prahran kicked 5 for the quarter, 3 from 3 getable shots and snapped 2 goals from 3 half chances.
We started the second well, Palumbo continued his good form in deep defence with Matty Cowell and Tourogianis in support. Our 5th goal came from skilful transition from the back line starting with Jack Cowell to Wilson who found Spiz who put it out nicely to De Keizer who turned and hit up a leading McLaughlin. I was impressed how the forwards were leading, working in and out of space together, there’s some real understanding and cohesion happening.

It was 5 goals a piece. And then I’d say Prahran’s fitness started to come to the fore backed up by their precision ball use. We started to lag a touch and errors in execution started to creep in with missed handballs, clangers and dropped marks. Truth be told the playing core are worn out, the work load over the season has taken a toll, we continued to fight but we couldn’t keep up with Prahran’s break neck transition and they well and truly got on top and went into half time 6 goals up.

The 3rd and 4th continued in the same vain with Prahran’s relentless running and they put out us to the sword, to our credit we went down with honour. We fought on gallantly and consistently showed glimpses of good ball. McLaughlin was a stand out in the 3rd caning himself on the ball and Wilson was lively on the wing. Everyone played out the game, but Prahran was just too good, by far the best team in the grade and one of if not the best D2 side I’ve ever seen.

With Glen Eira having a upset win against Melbourne High we find ourselves only out of relegation zone by percentage. Glen Eira have a winnable game against Parade and we play Eltham this week and our destiny is our hands, this is our Grand final!

We’re at home this week and we would love your support, we’d love to see you around the huddles, Robo’s been rallying the troops like Flaps and Skip and we’d love you to jump on board.

See you at the game