Last quarter fadeouts hurting Bullants


The Bullants were back at the Taj on Saturday afternoon and were looking to atone for their narrow defeat to Old Mentonians the week before. Having made 5 changes to last weeks side due to some injuries to key players the Bullants were heading into the Whitefriars game with some first game players. After a close affair in the first quarter, the Bullants only trailed by 6 points at the first break. In the second quarter the game was broken up a little by Whitefriars after the Bullants conceded some late goals into the quarter to trail by 20 points at the main break.

The youngsters for the Bullants were leading the way in the first half for the Bullants, Giles and Dedes had a great first half for the Bullants. Former captain K. Cherbakof was doing absolutely everything in his power to keep the Bullants in the game, but a fast Whitefriars side shocked the Bullants in the third kicking 6 goals to 3 to lead by a game winning margin of 42 points at the last change. As like last week, for the major part of the quarter it was all the Bullants. Giles and Cherbakof were pulling the Bullants back into the game and managed to get the side to trail by only 3 points with about 6 minutes to play in the game. Unfortunately like last week, the effort to get the Bullants in a winning position failed again as they ran out of legs and eventually falling by 33 points with Whitefriars kicking 5 goals in 6 minutes to crush the Bullants hopes.

After a great start to the season last week on the road against Old Mentonians, the Bullants reserve side were on a high being back at Ted Ajani and up against a Whitefriars side who struggled with goals last week and usually have done well over in the past few years. Unfortunately it wasnt the day the 2’s side was expecting. After a strong first quarter showing signs that the Bullants were heading for two in a row, unfortunately it was all down hill from there.

The Whitefriars team kicked into gear in the second and the Bullants really never looked like recovering the lead back eventually losing by 27 points is a disappointing effort at home. The positive was that Lauria kicked 3 goals in his first game for the year and club favorite T. Harisiou got through unscathed in his first game in nearly two years.. and also managed to kick a goal for the day.

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