In this week’s crucial round 9 clash with St Mary’s Salesian, the Bulleen Templestowe Amateur Football Club will proudly be supporting and raising awareness for the STEP.BACK.THINK organisation.

Since 2000, there have been 96 deaths related to street violence. Of these deaths, 86 were male. Further, 85 were a result of a single punch.

83% of the offenders and 73% of the victims are male with the highest amount of incidents occurring among people aged 15-29.

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates that crime costs Australia nearly $36 billion a year – some 4.1 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Assault accounts for 7 % of this cost.

Step Back Think works to educate thousands of students each year on the consequences of a violent decision made in a split second.

Through Education, Research, and Awareness, Step Back Think is working to eradicate social violence where a split second, a bad decision, and a single act can irreversibly damage countless lives.

Lace Up Against Social Violence is a campaign that aims to raise awareness around social violence and the consequences that a violent decision made in a split second can have on the wider community.

In June 2015, Step Back Think are giving sporting teams the opportunity to wear orange shoelaces and participate in one of our education presentations about positive actions you and your teammates can take to avoid instances of violence.