Bullants stamp “Season still alive!”


Bulleen Templestowe 20.23-143 def Yarra Valley 10.7-67

Goal Kickers: J. Dedes 3, J. Cowell 3, D. Dakin 2, O. Schmidt 2, P. Florance 2, K. Cherbakof 2, O. Aziz , M. Considine , C. Azer , S. Avramidis , N. Palumbo , R. Edsall
Best Players: B. Tourogianis , R. Edsall , H. Vogler , C. Burridge , R. Matz , A. Lucisano

There was one goal Bulleen Templestowe had going into the game against last placed on the ladder Yarra Valley, win and their season was still alive or lose and pretty much pack your bags and head for Division 2 next year. It was the outcome the Bullants had forecast and now keep their season alive and head into a crucial battle with Old Mentonians next week.

The Bullants started the game the way they hoped, coming out of the blocks at Doncaster Reserve and controlling most of the play yearly in the game. The Bullants were fierce through the middle running in waves and creating every opportunity for the forwards in the opening term. The Bullants held a 17 point leading heading into the first change, but having 15 shots on goal, quite possibly could have had a more commanding lead heading into the second term.

The Bullants started the second term pretty much the same way they started the first. Kicking the opening goal of the term, the Bullants extending their lead to 4 goals early in the term. The Bushrangers however started to play some more clinical football in the term kicking some crucial goals through the middle of the term to get the margin under the 3 goal mark. From the 20 minute mark of the second term, the Bullants showed what kind of football they are capable of kicking six goals in 8 minutes to close out the half with a handy 47 point lead heading into a much needed half time break.

The start of the third quarter was exactly what they Bullants were focusing on. The boys in Blue & Gold kicked the opening three goals in the first nine minutes to take a match winning 68 point lead early in the quarter. There was a bit of a stalemate after the first 9 minutes of the term, but that was broken by the Bushrangers kicking quick back to back goals but the Bullants quickly capatalised on a mistake getting one back straight away. The Bullants quickly put a line through the two goals the Bushrangers had kicked, kicking another at the 20 minute mark of the term bringing the margin back just under that 70 point lead. Finishing the term of with a handy 71 point lead, the Bullants looked to have the four points sewn up at Doncaster Reserve.

After a slow start to the final term, the Bullants kicked the opening goal of the quarter to again extend their margin over the Bushrangers. The Blue & Gold continued to pile on the goals mid way through the final term to extend the lead to a game high 82 points with the whole team contributing to this dominating performance.

Although there was a late goal from the Bushrangers, the Bullants claimed a classy 76 point win over a win less Yarra Valley side and stamped that their season is still alive.

The Bullants now take on Old Mentonians next back at Ted Ajani in what could be one of the classes of the season as it is another must win game for the Blue & Gold as they are still sitting 4 points and percentage out of the relegation area as fierce rival Prahran Assumption pulled off a surprise win away from home today against Whitefriars College.

Full results coming shortly.