Welcome to Season 2023!


Before we move forward let’s take stock of season 2022.

What a ride! I was inspired by the Women’s program, by the camaraderie and care shared amongst the playing group and I have no doubt this contributed to their successes on the field, including competing in finals for the first ever time, winning a final and seriously challenging in the Grand Final.

The Under 19’s, what a ride! The formation of this side was years in the making, with allot of special efforts from many. Beyond the teams success, which was epic, they’re just a really good bunch of young gentlemen that care for the place, and how they played, and how they went about it made me personally really proud to be a Bullant.

Senior Mens, to take it up to the eventual premiers in the last round, well that’s encouraging. We consolidated our position in the division, tick. But I think it’s important we keep it real here, 6 wins and 12 losses. Did we have a crack? Bloody Oath! I was proud of our application on game day, and we were in most matches, and through the variables of what footy throws at you we couldn’t quite find ways to close out games and notch up wins. And that is the challenge ahead, to learn to win again, even when things aren’t going our way.

Reserves Mens.

We were in survival mode, to field a side each week was a victory, with our club’s livelihood at stake and other than one forfeiting hiccup we survived. A special mention to Coach Wayne Murphy and to all of the other Bullants who rallied friends to help out with numbers, in particular Paddy Moio. It’s important we remember these struggling times, to let it fuel our resolve.

I could thank many, as there were many significant contributors, but there’s three for me that stand out, outgoing President Russell Wallis, not just last year, not just seeing us through COVID, but for the last ten years at board level. Thanks Russ. And our two Senior Captains, Sam and Harry who went above and beyond the call of duty. We’re very lucky to have them.

So 2023, here we are!

Although I’m respectful and appreciative of the previous committees 3-5 year plan, a plan that we’re still on, a plan that sees both Women’s and Men’s playing Premier divisions in the years to come, I’m ever mindful that there is honour in the lower tiers, that we should not feel less of ourselves because we are.

I think when you’re focused on the destination you’re not in the moment, and the next step is where we need to be. When your attached to a future outcome it can manufacture unwanted internal stress and pressure through unreached expectations. With that, aiming high, dreaming and visualization, whether individually or as a club is important as it paves the space for us to move in to.  I just think if we work on ourselves, as individuals and as a club to continually get better on and off the field/track. I think the divisions we’re in will be a by-product of how we go about it.  This means you gotten earn it, I’m talking to all four teams, I’m saying earning is exciting, because once you get the taste for earning it, you want more, and that taste is actually sustainable. A taste for earning it, to do the work, that’s us! It’s not what division we’re in. ‘A taste for earning it’ is Club Pride.  


With this I don’t want players that for some reason or another that can’t be devoted and committed to the cause as much as others feeling guilty that they can’t be. I don’t what that inner thought to stop you coming to training. What I’m more than ever acutely aware of, is we are stronger in numbers, this means each and everyone on the playing list is pivotal, so please, please do not and never underestimate the value you bring into the place when you come down. Every added Bullant increases the dynamic. I’ve been there, didn’t feel like going to training, but went and then afterwards was glad I did. It wasn’t just having a run around to loosen the everyday shackles, but whilst doing so I’d have a couple of conversations, and on some level connect, and although I didn’t know it at the time, it builds bonds, and that is what this club is in the business of, and that’s building bonds.

That said, feeing obligated and coming, in my experience can be very destructive to the group positivity. You don’t want someone there that doesn’t want to be there.

I’m a bit head dizzy trying to convey these distinctions, I think ultimately it gets back to the individual honouring themselves, and within that to be honest with themselves. Those internal questions of Why am I going? Why do I want to go? Or I don’t feel like going but are going anyway because I know it’ll benefit the group. That feeling, a magnetic pull to the place feeling is pretty much the answer. It’s allowing yourself to be drawn to the place, it’s casting aside all that gunk, it’s going out of your way making adjustments to be there. It’s investing in yourself and your mates. And I guarantee if you come more times than not, for a few years you will have some life time friends, and that to me, is pure wealth well beyond money, beyond match payments, and beyond playing in a higher grade.  I suggest if obligation does creep in and you find yourself not enjoying your time at the club, perhaps step back for a couple of weeks, and then quite possibly you’ll start missing it, which could re-ignite the spark for enjoying it which includes the hard work and sacrifice it comes with. You’ll have my back with this, I never want any of our players feeling like they have to be there, I want you, to want to be there.

Everyone is always welcome at anytime.

Issues, situations, and anything out of line. If any arise, we encourage all to come forward straight away, as every single club member’s experience of the place is paramount. It’s paramount that each and every single one of us feels safe, valued, appreciated and respected. Please don’t hesitate to go to a Committee member, Coach or Captain you feel most comfortable with. From there it’ll move directly to the most appropriate person on the executive committee. If something goes down, if something is untoward, I want you to know the club will have your back.

It’s sucks that I had to mention that, but I had too, this is your home away from home, you just gotta feel good about the place, with this there’s allot of people with different personalities, different ideas, and different moulds, and this is a part of what makes the place great, but with that, as much as we encourage you and want you to express yourself, there is a code of conduct that our culture has seen us to almost 50 years of existence, and that is, to first and foremost respect one another.

How good is it being a Bullant!    Season 23 is going to be a ripper!


Greg Chivers

President BTAFC

0402 333 336 / gregchivas@hotmail.com