Welcome to the Bulleen Templestowe Amateur Football Club…


A message from the President

Hi all

To paraphrase Mark Twain; The reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated.

I would like to address some incorrect rumours that have been circulating recently about our Club.

– We are NOT, despite what you may have heard, struggling for numbers in our senior playing group.

– We WILL be fielding two senior teams in this season’s VAFA Division 2 competition.

In addition to our two senior teams, we will also be fielding Under 19s and senior women’s teams meaning will have four competitive sides in 2019.

Having addressed the negative, I would like to touch on some of the many positives that I see around the Club in 2019.

– We have a new Senior coach in Jason Reynolds who is creating an air of excitement and confidence. Jason is being ably supported by Reserves player coach Michael Popovski, Under 19s coach Declan McLaughlin, who are both new to the club, and Senior Women’s coach Harry Urwin.

– We have practice matches locked in against Yea and Fairpark for the men, and La Trobe University and Yarra Valley Old Collegians for the women.

– We are fielding an Under 19s side for the first time since 2011.

– Our relationship with the Junior club is getting stronger and we are seeing a number of Colts players regularly training with the senior group. The feedback from this has been very positive and indicates that our Under 19 program will not be a one off. We are working with the Colts’ coach Matt Agrotis, and will continue to do so throughout the year, to identify other ways in which we can bring the two playing groups closer ensuring that we continue to develop the pathway from junior to senior football.

– We have several new members on the committee and on our two key sub-committees. One focussed on the Under19 program, led by Rob Toscano, and one on the 1979 Triple Premiership Reunion Ball, led by David Keast.

– We have commenced work on a Strategic Plan to cover the next five years culminating in our 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2024.

– We have instituted a permanent recruitment process. Rather than focussing on this during the pre-season we are continually talking to potential players on an on-going basis.

– You may have heard that we are ringing around looking for players, this isn’t because we are short of numbers, it is because we want to grow the club.

– We have several new sponsors on-board for season 2019 complementing a number of longer term sponsors who have been with us for a longer period of time.

To me these are not signs of a club in crisis, they are signs that we have a strong and active off-field presence and that we are working to develop sustainable on-field success. We acknowledge that the last several years have not been hugely successful for the club, however we are putting in place people and actions to address our problems and to capitalise on our strengths – our players, past and present, our ability to always find people that will help when needed, our relationship with a strong junior club and our strong amateur ethos – our players play for each other and for the Club, they wear the Blue and Gold because they want to not because we pay them to.

I encourage our many supporters to contact me directly if you have any thoughts about how we can further improve or if you have any concerns about what we are doing or about rumours you may have heard. Message me via Facebook or call me on 0410 335 216. As proud Bullants we need to ensure that the positive aspects of our great club are talked up. By being positive and contributing we move forward together toward the success we all want.


Kind Regards,

Russell Wallis – President, Bulleen Templestowe Amateur Football Club